How to Use Your NUWAVE®CPAP Sanitizer

CPAP Sanitizer



Plug unit into a wall outlet using the supplied power cord and USB charger. The unit will charge until the green light turns off. A full charge may take up to 4 hours. When you see the green light is off, the unit is fully charged. You are ready to use the NUWAVE®.

Connect Your CPAP

Connect your CPAP tube to the NUWAVE® sanitizing chamber. Then connect your tube to the NUWAVE® generator (see pages 3-7 of the instruction manual for details).


Load your CPAP mask, headgear and/or the humidification chamber and fully zip close the NUWAVE® sanitizing chamber (see page 4 of the enclosed instruction manual for details).

Start Cleaning

Press and hold the “On” button for 2 seconds then release to start cleaning cycle. You should see the blue light illuminate for the next 35 minutes. Leave the CPAP equipment in the sanitizing chamber for the next 2 hours and remove. You are ready to use your sanitized CPAP equipment.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT CHARGING: If you attempt to charge the unit and you see the green light momentarily flash and then turn off, your unit is fully charged and you DO NOT NEED TO CHARGE THE UNIT. You are ready to use the NUWAVE®.

OZONE NOTE: If you smell any residual ozone on your mask, connect your CPAP tubing and mask assembly to your CPAP machine and run your unit for 30 seconds. This will flush any residual ozone out of your tubing and mask. If you sense that you are sensitive to ozone, discontinue use.

DO NOT USE VINEGAR to wash your CPAP mask if you are using ozone sanitization for CPAP equipment. Ozone CPAP sanitizers have been known to react with vinegar to produce a foul odor on CPAP masks. Use a mild detergent and water if you wash your CPAP mask.